1850’s Farmchild Story

I remember my father waking me up one morning to “help” him with something, I’m thinkin’ “sweet, my Dad needs help from me. How cool is that!!”

Next thing I know I’m out front mowin’ the lawn all by myself.

Oh yeah, then when I’m done with that, I can “help” him pull weeds out of the planter in the front of the house and not just any planter but a planter filled with lava rock that cuts and scratches you up when you try and get on your knees to pull the weeds. But wait, after about 20 minutes of pulling weeds in the front, I realize that I’m not helping anyone pull weeds; I’m the one that needs help pulling weeds ’cause my Dad is nowhere to be seen!

I go inside the house to get a drink of water, and guess who’s in there making a sandwich…that’s right good ol’ dad. After I make myself a sandwich and chug down a glass of milk, my Dad asks me to “help” him out again by cleaning up the mess that he just made. That’s when I realized he doesn’t need help from me, he wants me to do the chores that he doesn’t want to do. My parents didn’t have me because they wanted a child to carry on the name…No, they just needed an extra hand around the house..I’m just a house boy!

Author: ParentingMaven

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