2009 Let it be the year of *blank*

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2009 Let it be the year of *blank*

How would you fill in the *blank*? What are you looking for in 2009?

Can you come up with one word that sums it up?

Try out these from the writers here at Parenting Help Me and then send us a few of your own via the Comments section of this post.

Karen Kramer – Let 2009 be the year of *Thanksgiving*

This is the year to be Thankful for all the many blessings that we have been given. This may be a tough year economically, but we all still have many things for which to be Thankful. Our focus should not be on obtaining the latest gadget or our falling stocks but rather on the things that have lasting value like our children, spouses and families. Many who have made their first loves their careers have had a rude awakening in 2008. Let 2009 be the year that they find contentment and Thanksgiving through the trials and the blessings.

Eric Gehler – Let 2009 be the year of *Communication*

The technology that surrounds our daily lives continues to improve. With the ever growing influence of iPhone, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Fios and other internet connections and communication applications, 2009 will be the year we are all “plugged in”. The small voices of the common man/women are now able to be heard quicker and with more commanding force then ever before. Uses of technology like Twitter, Blogs, iPhone apps allow everyone to have a say and their say can be heard by millions, Instantly. No longer do we have to sit back and say what if… Our voices can be heard, seen and acted upon. 2009 will be the year of Communication.

Blakey Crowe (Parenting Uncle) – Let 2009 be the year of *Action*

Break the habit of procrastination by breaking large jobs into smaller more manageable tasks. Then take action and complete these small steps. Set aside a dedicated time each day to work on these individual tasks. Taking action each day will soon replace the old habit of procrastinating.

Completing smaller tasks on a regular basis will make a big difference by the end of the year. Success comes to those who are committed and take action.

Gabriella Parker – Let 2009 be the year of *Reflection*

So many things occurred in 2008 that were completely beyond our control. Skyrocketing gas prices, a tumultuous economy, unforseen job losses, and heartbreaking foreclosures dominated American’s lives. This year, make time to take a personal inventory, moral and financial, of your life. Reflect on the things that are most important in your life and focus on them for the new year. Sometimes we all lose sight of the things that really matter.

Billy the Kid says: Engagement

As humans we are well into the Information Age and some would say past it. Never before has so much information on so vast and varied topics been available at our fingertips for so cheap.

Also, it’s relatively easy now to be a publisher so any Tom, Dick, or Harry can be a publisher whether he knows anything about the topic or not much less whether he’s an expert or not.

So the biggest challenge is no longer the information. In 2008 I say the biggest challenge was attention. Today, you have to get and hold people’s attention or your expert information is worthless.

So the new buzzword for 2009 will be ENGAGEMENT. Because once you have their attention, you have to get them involved and then engaged so you know they’re getting the message at a deep level.

Getting your customers, readers, or just the people you’re talking to engaged in a conversation with you is going to be the key to success going forward and will be highlighted more and more throughout 2009.

I wish you good luck getting people engaged with you and your message. And start thinking about this question “What are some effective ways and tactics I can use to increase people’s engagement with me?”
New Years Parenting Help

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