Advantages to Learning Music

Is your child playing music in school or thinking about it?

Band or orchestra can be great experiences for a student.

  • Music brings out creativity, which tends to make students creative in other areas
  • By playing in a group with other musicians, the student will learn to work with others.
  • Practicing daily will develop discipline and focus

Don’t force music on your child though! Personally, I wanted to play music and stuck with it, but my brother and sister were both made to play an instrument against their will and stopped playing after the school requirement was fulfilled.

If the student enjoys playing, it will create positive reinforcement. You might even end up with an incredible musician in the house!

Alex Han started playing at age 8 and first recorded at 11.

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Alex Han recording at age 11

Alex Han performing with Marcus Miller.
Alex Han’s Site

Author: ParentingMaven

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