Another Dad Gone

Another Dad Gone!

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Just this past Friday, I heard of another Dad about to leave his family.

This time it wasn’t because he wanted to abandon his beautiful wife and adoring children.

It wasn’t even because he was going off to defend the country or for some great income opportunity.

It certainly wasn’t for another woman.

So why was this loving husband and father leaving.

It was to spend a year in jail.

He didn’t rob, steal, maim or injure another person.

But what he did is just as harmful to his family.


More specifically Cocaine.

He chose Cocaine over the welfare of his children.

For the next year, his kids will struggle as his wife struggles to provide for the family.

His kids will miss his hugs, his laughter and the sense of security only a father can provide.

His wife will suffer the loneliness of an empty bed.

I’m sure he never thought about his wife and children while he was out spending the grocery money on a fix.

I’m sure he never thought about his wife and children while he was experiencing his high.

But for the next year …. I’m sure he will think a lot about his wife and children.

My only hope is that other Dads will stop and think before it’s too late.

There is hope!

There are places you can go to get the help you need now!

A Drug Rehab Center is a much better way to get clean than that year in jail.






Author: ParentingMaven

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