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How to Impose Discipline


Parenting is never complete without discipline. Parental discipline plays a vital role in raising a child. Discipline is all about teaching a child to do appropriate behavior and help him/her become an independent and responsible person. Children who lack parental discipline are known to be disobedient, arrogant and disrespectful. They will view crime to be just normal and indulge themselves in any unlawful acts thus wasting their life. These only give shame to the family,on especially to parents. To keep this from happening to your child, take your responsibility as a parent seriously. The following tips will help you on how to impose discipline on your child. Read on.

First, praise your child. Praising your child for displaying proper behavior will help him/her distinguish the difference from improper behavior. It is a positive way of instilling into the heart and mind of your child the importance of behaving properly. Children will not recognize that you are already giving them a dose of discipline. Praising can be manifested both in words and in action by granting them some rewards.

Second, give warning. Warning the child of the disciplinary action you would take for any misbehavior is normally enough to dissuade the child from doing such. Ensure that this will serve its purpose and not just end up as an empty warning. You must act accordingly so that the child will realize that misbehavior is a no laughing matter.

Third,  set a time out. If the preceding steps are ineffective in correcting your child’s improper behavior, then, you may give him or her time out by taking him or her away from a situation and allow him or her to cool down. This creates an orderly slate for your child to go through the day. Moreover, a time out effectively helps in decreasing the chances of displaying misbehavior just to get attention. During the time out, explain to the child why it is imposed and keep yourself from talking to him or her when it is still in effect. Once the time out is over, remind your child of the misbehavior he or she displayed, demand for an apology and end it with a tender hug. Avoid discussing the matter any further.

Fourth, take away privileges. This is effective when dealing with older children. As much as possible, lost privileges must be equivalent to the type of misconduct being displayed. For instance, if they break your agreed curfew time; you may adjust their curfew time a bit earlier for several weeks. This is also applicable if they do not adhere to your rules in terms of television viewing. You may totally take away their privilege of watching television for the entire day or weeks.

Lastly, impose physical or corporal punishment. This is the popular form of discipline and remain a sizzling topic among parenting debates because it is widely misused leading to child abuse. Proper use of physical punishment together with moderation is a very effective form of discipline, especially with gross misconduct.

Be firm when imposing discipline but never misuse your authority over your child. Instead, view this as an opportunity to show your love to your child. Parenting is all about showing your love not using your authority improperly.

Author: ParentingMaven

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