Are You Ready For Anything?

Are You Ready For Anything?

After a recent lively conversation with my bestie about the crazies and not-so-crazies on the reality show, Doomsday Preppers I started asking myself that question…. “Am I ready for anything”?

I knew all-to-well the sound of the tornado sirens while living in Alabama.

And I had survived the fires and earthquakes while living in California.

But, living in the quiet lake-side community of Clarksville, Virginia had made me a bit complacent.

Although I’m not quite ready to stock up on shotguns, move to camper and live off the land, having a “ready-kit” does make sense.

My first move was to visit “The Ready Store”, an online “preppers” site.

I signed-up to receive their newsletter to get their “Ready Steps Worksheets” and the chance to win free freezed-dried food stuff.

The worksheets turned out to be very well thought out and easy to follow.  It’s an action plan that can be followed at your own pace.  Love It!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be making plans for my son and me in case of emergency.

I’ll also be checking into ready kits for kids, pets and even major doomsday stuff.

Let me know if you have and favorite sites I should check into.


Author: ParentingMaven

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