Are You too Lazy to Recycle?

Are You too Lazy to Recycle?

Parenting Articles Parenting Help Parenting Help Parenting Help Tips Parenting Tips   I just recently began to recycle. I felt guilty after passing by a local landfill on a regular basis and seeing how quickly it was filling up. I was amazed at the mountain of trash that kept growing and I knew that I was contributing to its existence.

Up until that point, I was oblivious to what really happened to my trash. And even if I had known, I was too lazy to recycle. I thought it was inconvenient at the very least and something only treehuggers did.

So, I started off slowly. First, I purchased the reusable grocery bags and started collecting my magazines in a box. Once that became second nature, I added plastic to my recycle list. I rinse each plastic bottle out and throw it in a barrel on my back deck. Easy enough. Finally, I have started rinsing and collecting all my cans and paper boxes. It’s taken a year to finally get used to not throwing everything in the trash can.

I can’t say that my husband is happy about my decision. He does think it’s inconvenient when I make him load everything up and take it to the recycle center. Interestingly enough, my son thought it was a great idea. He even catches people throwing stuff away and says his mom recycles that stuff.

I now understand that the mountain of trash I pass by is a permanent fixture on the horizon and it’s just one of millions all over the world. I hope my children copy my treehugging ways and teach their children to do the same. I know there is probably a lot more I can do but every little bit helps.

Now, I want to find out ways that I can actually reuse some of recyclables around my home. If you have any great recycling ideas, please pass them along.

Author: Gabriella Parker

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