Baby Vaccines – Say What?

Baby Vaccines – Say What?

I was driving to see my sister’s high school football team play in a playoff game today. She’s a dancer on the half-time drill team.

Unfortunately, the football team got their asses kicked 24 – 7 and were never really in the ballgame.

But far more interesting is something I heard on the radio on the way to the game.

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Did they just say baby vaccines?”

As that appalling thought was running through my head they said it again. Yep now I’m sure what I heard.

I know these things have been around for about 30 years but I’ve never heard it on local radio.

They talked about a few different potential diseases, viruses, and other sicknesses that could befall your baby as arguments for getting these vaccinations.

Now obviously this was a private company so they were paying to run this commercial in hopes of generating profits from scaring mommies everywhere into bringing their babies in to be shot up with these poisons and diseases.

So I can’t fault a private company for attempting to make a profit. And with all the drug commercials you see on TV now it’s really about par for the course.

After talking with a couple moms, I discovered the government is sanctioning and even pushing this agenda making it difficult for your child to attend school without them. You even have to put a waiver on file to do so.

But what struck me is this, “What genius would voluntarily take their baby in to have poison, disease, and live viral organisms injected directly into their baby’s blood?”

The commercial further went on to say, “Don’t forget to bring your baby in for their 2 months, 4, 6, 12, and 15 to 18 months vaccination shots”.

They didn’t get into what all diseases these subsequent shots were going to be for nor if they were repeat vaccinations (if maybe the first one didn’t take).

Again I was floored, but the marketer side of me was impressed. Because this company had figured out a way to get a massive amount of repeat business using fear and scare propaganda tactics.

I don’t know how much business this company does but I’m sure they scared a lot of moms into paying their fee and potentially killing their own babies.

Because I’ve read quite a bit about this issue and a lot of the studies show just how dangerous these vaccinations are.

And that quite a few people die or have horrible adverse reactions to the shots and are much worse off than had they never got them.

These studies were done on kids and adults so I can only imagine how bad it would be for very susceptible and fragile babies.

(For the record I never had these “necessary” vaccinations and turned out just fine and far healthier than many of my peers)

So basically I came away with the message, “Hey moms your baby was just born two months ago. Come bring em in so we can stick a poison needle in them. And beyond that keep bringing them in so we can poison them four to five more times and have that many more chances to kill or maim your new baby”.

And my question is “Are you really willing to take a chance with your baby’s life with all the research out there against vaccinations and the dangers of vaccines?”

Dads you can chime in as well but I’ll be mainly interested to hear how you new moms out there feel about this issue. I’ll look forward to your comments and I’m sure I’ll learn something from them.

Author: Billy the kid

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