Bad Baby Names

Bad Baby Names

Celebrity Parenting Parenting Help   Why would parents name their daughter “Ima Pig” or name their son “Sue”? Giving your child a terrible, embarrassing name may cause problems for them through their life and especially in school.

An unusual name may also cause problems for your child. I have an unusual first name that has been butchered through the years. People without being critical mispronounce my name as Blankey, Bracey, Blakley, Blakeley, or Blackie instead of my real name Blakey. When I was teaching high school, I was asked if kids made fun of my name when I was in school. I told them that my friends Gervis, Felton, and Carvel never made fun of my name. I am not kidding, these were my best friends while in school.

As a teacher, it made it more difficult to pronounce and remember the unusual and weird names of my students. Especially when the same spelling was pronounced differently.

Name your child whatever you want, but do consider how will your child like the name you give them.

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