Bad Tooth, No Money, No Dental Insurance Equals

Bad Tooth, No Money, No Dental Insurance Equals …

One very unhappy Mommy,

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One of the many problems with living on a tight budget is the extreme cuts that need to be made.  Often it’s a gamble.  Do I cut the insurance to pay for the cell phone?  Do I cut the heat down to put gas in the car?  There is always something more important tugging at the wallet.

One mistake I made, was cancelling dental insurance.  It seemed like a luxury.  After all, it wouldn’t hurt to miss a cleaning or two, as long as I remembered to floss… Right! 


It all sounded good until my whole face was throbbing and any movement of my neck would bring me to tears.

Cell phones, internet and cable TV all sound like necessities but in reality you gamble with your health when you cut back on things like dental insurance.

Take some time to check out the following article…. who knows …. you might just save a tooth 🙂

Finding the best and most affordable dental insurance for individuals may seem complicated for many people. Using a quality online search service such as makes the process much simpler and less stressful.

When customers reach out to qualified professionals for help in their search for the best dental insurance for individuals, they will find peace of mind. Dental customers will find many of the dental insurance industry’s leading providers available through such a search.

An added bonus to using is that it is free to customers shopping for dental insurance. This service eliminates the frustration and confusion that usually accompanies looking for a reasonably priced and comprehensive dental insurance plan. People who are seeking a new dental insurance plan can simply enter their zip code to find a list of dental insurance carriers that can accommodate their needs within their geographic area. Once the list has been generated, customers can click on the dental plans listed to find more information on each plan available for dental insurance for individuals.

Customers should consider matters such as coinsurance, deductibles and premiums when looking for dental insurance for individuals. Coinsurance is the stipulation wherein the patient, or dental insurance plan carrier, is responsible for a certain percentage of a dental visit. Customers must pay a certain amount each year before their dental insurance plan begins to pay, and this is the deductible. Dental patients pay premiums as the basic charge that lets them use the dental insurance plan of their choice.

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