Barack Obama, a Democratic Irony

Barack Obama, a Democratic Irony

With all of the historical implications of the recent election of Barack Obama, I decided to do a little research this week on political history.

I started off by simply trying to discover how many presidents elected in the past were Democrat or Republican. My research took a whole new turn when I realized how many different political parties have emerged and folded over the course of U.S. history.

Federalists, Whigs, Liberty, American … the list goes on and on. To my surprise, the Democrats and Republicans used to be united under the Democratic-Republican party (1792-1824). The names Democrat and Republican were used interchangeably along with the names Jeffersonians and Democratic Republicans, among others. The Democratic-Republican party split in 1854 over the issue of slavery.

Of course, I learned all about the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln (1st Republican President) and the North versus the South in school. However, what they didn’t teach was the fact that the Democrats were pro-slavery and the Republicans were anti-slavery.

So, now you see the irony. Our modern day Democrats elected the first African-American president when the Republicans were the first to oppose slavery.

President-elect Barack Obama, a Democratic irony.

Author: ParentingMaven

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