Barack Obama – How His Presidency Affects Your Family

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Barack Obama – How His Presidency Affects Your Family…

Barack Obama just won the presidency… in case you’ve been at the top of Mount Everest for the last year and a half.

His whole campaign platform was “change we need”.

I found this very interesting because people get all hyped up and excited about the word change. And for what reason?

Because when you look at change it’s a neutral word. As humans we are naturally apt to fear change and to want things to stay the same in a mold where we’re comfortable.

Of course, you can see why Barack Obama chose to operate under the change type of platform.

Because change can be either good or bad. It could be a change for the worse or a change for the better.

So what we really want is IMPROVEMENT not just change. But if he were to run under this campaign promise that would be a much more difficult promise to keep when it comes time for reelection four years from now.

Because no matter what happens things are definitely going to change over the next four years. Even if there was no government at all things would change because that’s just a natural part of life.

So obviously Obama had very smart advisors and campaign managers. They told him to use this buzzword and very simple catchphrase which would get people all excited and hyped up to vote for him.

All under the guise of a campaign slogan which is absolutely meaningless. That way he has plausible deniability and no matter how his first-term turns out he can say he fulfilled on his campaign promise which is brilliant strategy.

I wonder did you ever consider the meaning of this campaign slogan or just vote blindly for Obama?

I’m sure some of you are going to be outraged because I’m attacking your belief that our president elect is the second coming…or at least you believe he’s going to be good for the country.

And he maybe…the next four years will unfold to tell us.

As it pertains to your family there are going to be some changes. I know that’s an amazing insight.

He’ll definitely get back to the Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton days with a big push for universal health care. And you probably think this will be a good thing for your family.

If it’s done right it would be. However, every time government gets involved in something especially private industry the costs always go up. That’s why it’s almost always better to keep government out of these things so the costs remain as low as possible in a competitive environment.

The biggest problem with government intervention is that in many ways competition gets reduced and so therefore inefficient processes are allowed to live on because of the lack of competition.

When there is no other company offering a lower price there is no incentive for the government agencies to cut costs and be as lean and efficient as possible.

So unless strict countermeasures are set up and enforced to keep the cost down and maintain efficiency universal health care is only going to be a greater burden on you and your family.

Now let’s talk about taxes everybody’s favorite topic and I’m sure your favorite topic.

Taxes are inevitably going to have to rise to pay off the ridiculous deficits racked up over the last eight years during the George W. Bush presidency.

The numbers I remember are that we were about $6 trillion deficit when Bush took over and are now at over $10 trillion national deficit.

So in the first 224 years of our country we accumulated $6 trillion in national debt. In only the last eight years we’ve almost doubled that national debt. Food for thought.

So what’s going to happen and how is that going to be paid back?

There are only two ways it can be paid down. Like any business the only way to pay down debt is to either reduce your costs or increase your revenues.

For the United States to get back to a balanced budget probably both are going to have to happen. There is needs to be an increase in revenue which means more taxes and a huge decrease in spending.

This is where I see the biggest opportunity. To cut back on the massive military spending build up over the last eight years as well as a lot of the other socialist programs our government is participating in.

No one likes increased taxes and this kind of policy is always unpopular. However, we’ve been experiencing increased taxes over the last eight years in the form of very high inflation. That’s the silent killer no one talks about because it’s an indirect tax that it is equally real if not more painful than the actual taxes you pay.

I do believe Obama is going to reduce spending in certain programs. However, there will probably be increases in others.

I don’t know if he’ll be able to get back to a balanced budget like we had during the Clinton years.

My advice to you is to increase your savings and cut unnecessary expenses so your family’s balance sheet will be as healthy as possible no matter what the government and the administration does.

Because you can’t count on the government… what they do is out of your control. The only thing you can control is how healthy your family’s finances are.

I’m more than happy to hear your thoughts on how you believe the next four years are going to play out. Leave your comments below on how good or bad the Obama presidency is going to be.

Author: Billy the kid

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