Bathtub faucet plus big toe equals poor choice.

Bathtub faucet plus big toe equals poor choice

I’ve made some poor choices in my life, most of which have come from acting before I thought it through, like eloping with a man I’d only known a few months. It took 15 years to get myself free from that poor choice. Fortunately the next poor choice didn’t take that long.

After several months of construction, I was ecstatic to finally have the new bathroom remodel complete. It had been a long day and now with the toddler asleep, my ex-husband away on business and the house all to myself, I decided to give the new jacuzzi tub a whirl. A tiny bit of bubble bath quickly turned into mounds of puffy white clouds with steam rising up to fog the triple mirrors over the double sink.

Sinking into the bubble clouds I couldn’t help but think this must be heaven. Finally absolute silence. Time just for me, without a care in the world.

As the Mom of a toddler who had just gone through several months of home remodeling, I wasn’t used to having this kind of luxury time. Maybe it was a moment of boredom or just a lapse in judgment, I’m really not sure of the why I did it, I just know it was perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever done. Inserting a big toe into a water faucet is never a smart move.

It took a few minutes for the gravity of the situation to finally sink in…. I was sitting in a tub with my toe stuck in a faucet, in a locked bathroom, with only a sleeping toddler, in a house sitting on 21 acres of land, with no phone, no clothes, no one to hear me and no saw to hack off my own toe.

My mind began to conjure up all kinds of unpleasant scenarios that included my husband returning after a week on the road to find me dead in the tub and our toddler eating cat food from the pet bowl.

I considered trying to wake my son and have him dial 911 but the thought of fireman breaking down the new bathroom door and finding me naked was pushed aside to the “when hell freezes over” side of my peanut brain. As my mind continued to search for solutions, the bubbles continued to melt, the water turned cold and the blood began to drain from my elevated leg. I started to shiver. My luxury bath was fast turning into an icy death.

To my surprise and delight, I didn’t need Bill Nye the Science guy to come rescue me. As the water-cooled so did the swelling in my toe and suddenly without warning, I was free.

The lesson I learned that day was two-fold. First, think before you act and Second… I’m responsible for the life of my child so make sure I follow lesson one.

Author: ParentingMaven

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