Because I said so….Part 1 of 2

Has this ever happened to you?

Because is one of the most powerful words in the English language.

The title of this post was a cause of great frustration for me when I was growing up. You’ve probably been guilty of this cardinal sin in your dealings with your children.

You tell them to do something and they ask you why and simply react “because I said so”.

You probably got further frustrated and test when this did not work and did not gain the compliance that you were looking for from your child.

They may do what you instruct to the letter but their heart and passion isn’t in it and they definitely won’t go the extra mile to complete the task.

This is because of a simple and basic psychological principle… the human mind always wants a reason.

When my parents would “because I said so” rationalization to me I would ask why.

This is because the instruction they gave me didn’t make any logical sense to me. Now this may have just been my own flawed perception causing me this disconnect. But even if this was the case (they were right and I was wrong) I still only gave them minimal compliance because it didn’t click for me.

If my parents had simply taken the time to explain their position they would have gotten much better compliance and I may have even changed my view of it.

This is the difference between in implicit and explicit compliance.

The conclusion to the story in part 2 tomorrow.

Author: Billy the kid

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