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Pregnancy: Becoming a Parent

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In another article I discussed teenage pregnancy and how complicated it can be for a teenager to have a child. In this article I want to discuss what it is like for an adult to become a parent. When an adult gets pregnant no one can truly understand what the woman goes through unless they have been through that ordeal themselves. There are plenty of resources that make pregnancy somewhat bearable for an adult parent.

Pregnancy as an adult is usually prepared. The potential parents consensually decide to have a child and therefore have unprotected sex. Getting pregnant for adults is not always as easy as unprotected sex. Sometimes a woman may have fertility issues like not enough eggs or another issue that prevents her from becoming pregnant. The man may be at fault as well for having a problem getting the sperm out or having a low sperm count. There are multiple other factors that increase or decrease a woman’s chance of having a child.

Once a woman is pregnant she can expect to have symptoms that indicate that she is indeed pregnant. These symptoms include not having regular monthly menstruations, tenderness to chests and growth in chests, feeling tired, queasiness and vomiting, pain in body parts like back and head, and craving for food that one may not normally eat like pickles and ice cream.

At this point it is time to prepare the house for a baby. First step is to identify a room for the baby and make it look baby friendly. One can paint the room with baby friendly designs. A crib is necessary for the baby. Either one can buy one and make it at home or hire someone to build the crib. After the room is set up for the baby the potential parents can store harmful products out of reach of the baby. Baby gates and baby steps can be purchased to make the home safer for the newborn baby.

When pregnant this is also the time to think of what would be a good name for the bundle of joy. One can buy a book of names or think of one on their own. It is important to pick a name that will not be made fun of when the child enters school or a name that will get the child unnoticed.

There are options when one has a child. The parenting team can decide which option seems appropriate to their situation. The parents can keep the child and raise it. The parents can give the child up for adoption if they feel they are ill prepared to bring a child into the world. The child could be adopted by a family member if that is an option or by someone an adoption agency decides is appropriate for the child. If the parents decide to give birth to the child it is important for the pregnant woman to get regular checkups, eat healthy, and exercise so the baby is healthy. If one feels ill prepared for a child they can choose to have an abortion.

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