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Bedwetting Solutions: How to Stop Bedwetting

If your four-year old is wetting the bed, try not to worry about it too much. Bedwetting is not considered a problem until seven years. Luckily, this is a good age to talk it over with your little one and start trying the bedwetting solutions below.

Practical Bedwetting Solutions for Children

Try these tested and proven solutions to stop bedwetting in young  children:


  • Offer plenty of fluids during the day, aiming for 6 – 7 water-based drinks at regular intervals
  • Establish a good daytime routine for going to the bathroom, say every 3 – 4 hours
  • Don’t let them have caffeinated drinks such as chocolate and fizzy drinks before bedtime as these can speed up the rate at which urine is produced
  • Sticking to a regular bedtime can help with training a child to empty their bladder at an appropriate time each evening
  • Encourage him or her to have a wee just before bed. If they have trouble going, turn on the tap for an inspiring tinkling of water, or give them a small ice-cube or a sip or two of iced water
  • Cuddle, praise and reward them when they go to the bathroom and also when they have a dry night
  • Use an alarm clock to wake your child at a set time during the night so they can get up and go to the toilet. Place their dressing gown within easy reach on cold nights
  • Make sure the path to the toilet is light and free of obstacles
  • Ideally, their room should be close to a toilet
  • If it’s a bit of a trek to the bathroom, they could have a potty in their room
  • A bedwetting alarm may work for your child
  • Some people suggest restricting fluids at nighttime but this isn’t proven to work.

Love and laughter go a long way
Did you or someone in your family wet the bed as a child? If so, make your bedwetting incidents into funny stories to tell your child. Having a giggle about Mummy or Daddy or a glamorous Auntie or a blokey Uncle wetting the bed could help prevent your little one from feeling bad about their bedwetting.

Using DryNites pajama pants can help kids get over their fear of wetting the bed, remember waking up soaked can be scary for young children!

Also, remember to be patient and loving when there’s an accident. Your child can’t help it. This could be a difficult time for them and they need you to help and reassure them until the bedwetting solutions work.
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