Bullicied, A Tragedy

Bullicied, A Tragedy

KidSafe Parenting Help   photo credit: RambergMediaImages

KidSafe Parenting Help   ~Please take the time to read this urgent message.  Don’t think that just because your child is “popular” this can’t happen to him/her.  Bullying is serious and can be deadly.  As Parents we owe it to our children to protect them from both physical and mental abuse

The stats say 1 in 5 children are bullied BUT there is always the issue of the many cases of bullying that go unreported. The fact is MOST children remain silent…and those children who are suffering in silence are now committing suicide in record numbers that there is a new name for a child that commits suicide from bullying, “BULLICIED.”

This breaks my heart to the core. To think of how many children are suffering in silence and feel they can no longer go on living. Please just stop for a minute and reread that sentence. Are we becoming desensitized to hearing these stories that we as parents are just glossing over the problem?

This is an epidemic of epic proportions…very similar to child abuse. These children are all suffering in silence, feeling very similar emotions: fear, shame, embarrassment, confusion, humiliation” but most importantly they are not telling us…the parents… whose first responsibility when bringing a child into this world is to PROTECT them from harm. How can we protect them if they don’t tell?

What can we, as parents, do? Talk with your children and actively listen to them on a daily basis” not a onetime conversation. Be alert to changes in behavior, mood, and grades. Don’t assume your children know you are there for them… TELL your children on a regular basis that you are available to talk/listen about anything (and list some tough issues including bullying). Say to them directly ” Even if I seem busy when it comes to your safety or problems “I will STOP what I am doing to talk with you and to help, and we will deal with it together.”

This simple phrase “I am here for you and you are important to me,” can make all the difference to a child who is suffering. Work with us to help keep KidSafe!!! Join our fan page KidSafe Foundation on Facebook, follow KidSafeMoms on twitter and check out our website www.kidsafefoundation.org for more safety tips.

Author: Sally Berenzweig MEd, MA

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