Bullying: One Child Dead

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Featured Articles Parenting Help   photo credit: simonsimagesBullying: One Child Dead

My sleepy little safe neighborhood in a small quiet lake community in Virginia has just had a major wake-up call.

Just two houses down the street, a little boy finally had enough of the name-calling, teasing and bullying. Sadly, he choose to use a rifle to end the life of another neighborhood boy.

I can’t blame either boy…. They were after all children.

Where were the adults? Where were the teachers? The bus-driver? … the parents?

An hour before the shooting, I saw the teen-ager strolling down the hill towards the house. He waved politely. I thought to myself… “he’s one of the “cool” kids”. I didn’t think he would be “gone” in just such a short time. Nor, did I ever think that a 13 year-old would take a hunting rifle and kill him.

Something has to change…

Please pray for both of these families, our schools and our children.

Author: ParentingMaven

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