Cat Brain, Dog Brain, Woman Brain, Man Brain

Cat Brain, Dog Brain, Woman Brain, Man Brain….

It amazes me how different cats are from dogs. It’s almost like they are complete opposites in the way they

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Cat Brain Dog Brain

act and communicate. It’s miscommunication that causes cats and dogs to have so many relationship issues.

Beginning with that first introduction, it is obvious that offenses will happen. When introduced to a new cat, both cats will usually take things slow, watch each other, sniff noses and then finally rub up against each other as a sign of acceptance.

The dogs, on the other hand, are in a rush to get personal with the customary butt sniffing (an offensive act to the cat) followed immediately by the new best friend romp around the house.

The difference in the way they “talk” to each other is even more divisive. Cat’s “purr”, which sounds a bit too much like a “growl” to a dog and the dog’s bark sounds a bit too much like screaming to a cat.

For some strange reason only known to cats, the cat’s stare has the power to move any object. Cats will stare at a door with such force that it will cause any capable human within a 2 mile radius to arrive and magically open the door. Dogs on the other hand can not stand to be stared at and see it as a sign of aggression or preparation for battle, i.e. the stare at the human until he gives in and gives me food stare.

Once a cat has mastered the stop and stare technique, no dog is safe. The power of the cat stare will confuse even the most aggressive of dogs. Dogs love to chase cats, but when cats stop and confront them head on, dogs head for the hills.

Over the past few years I have watched my dog and my cat learn to speak each others language. My dog has

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learned not to sniff butt and allows my cat to show his affection by rubbing up against him, while my cat has learned not to start purring every time the dog wants to lay down next to him for a snooze. They have become the best of friends and treat each other with respect.

If only Women and Men could learn these same lessons… Men could learn not to confuse butt sniffing with affection and women could learn not to run their mouths every time their man wants to sit down and get comfortable. Think of the advances that could be made in Society if all those with a man’s brain and all those with a woman’s brain could learn these lessons.

Author: ParentingMaven

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