Caylee Anthony’s Remains Possibly Found

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Caylee Anthony

At approximately 9:30 this morning, the remains of a small child believed to be Caylee Anthony were discovered. A utility worker picked up a black trash bag and a skull fell out. The authorities are not going to release many details until forensics positively id the remains.

It’s not surprising that they found these remains less than 1/2 mile from the Anthony’s home in a wooded area. During a jailhouse visit that was recorded, Casey Anthony said that she believed in her gut that the child was still close to home. I guess that is the ONE time that Casey Anthony didn’t lie. Casey Anthony also reportedly said that the authorities had not even found her daughter’s clothes yet. So, I would bet that the remains were found unclothed.

The identification process has been fast tracked so there should be a positive id as soon as this weekend or early next week. The FBI has been told to work through the weekend if necessary. A request for a search warrant to search the Anthony’s home has also been petitioned.

From the very beginning, most people have thought Casey Anthony was guilty. There have been several searches that turned up nothing. I believe this is the final piece needed to seal her fate.

She isn’t the first mother to kill her child but every time a new case emerges, it is heartbreaking. To think that a mother could take the life of a child that was created from her own body is horrendous.

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