Cell Phones for Kids – Your Children’s Health

Cell Phones for Kids – Your Children’s Health

Parenting Help Parenting Help   #1 Your children’s health and cell phones

No matter whether you want to admit or not, cell phones carry radio waves which are bad for children (and everyone). As a result of this, Erik Huber, environmental advisor of the Vienna Medical Association strongly recommends that children under the age of 16 SHOULD NEVER USE A MOBILE PHONE. But this is just one recommendation which I think doesn’t make much sense to me.

The British-based national Radiological Protection Board suggests that children younger than age 8 should not be given a cellular phone as it risks exposing their young bodies to harmful radiation.

So, my advice is: If your children are younger than 8 then DEFINITELY DON’T GIVE HIM A PHONE TO USE. If he is 8-16 then give him a non-bluetooth headset to use (gives some protection from cell phone radiation.) If you want to read more on this then check out this article,  Cell Phone Safety.

The choice is entirely yours but protecting your child should be paramount. There are a few cell phone accessories you can buy which cut down on the harmful emissions. You can do a search for “cell phone shield” to find protective cell phone accessories options.

And now for something different

#2 Safety and other reasons for giving your child a cell phone

You, as a parent, will find the biggest reason to buy your child a cell phone is for their security and convenience. If they ever need something they can call you, if they feel they’re in danger they can call you too.

However, your children usually use that reason as an excuse. Their reason for wanting a cell phone is different. They want to call and text their friends, play games, download ringtones and so on. And that’s totally fine at their age…every child wants that and no parents has a right to forbid their children entertainment.

Instead of arguing with your child about the cell phone bill there are different ways to solve this problem of spending too much money for texting, calling…you limit it! Get your child a prepaid card. I don’t really think you should expect your children to be 100% responsible at the age of 12-16 so other than prepaid would not be good idea.

Of course, you must tell your child that he needs to be responsible for keeping his cell phone. Give him a good reason for that. For example, say something like “You need to keep your cell or if you break it then you’re not getting another for a year unless you buy it with your own money.” That should do the job J

The end decision should really depends on your situation. Different parents will give you different advice on when you should allow your child to have a cell phone. But they’re telling you from their point of view, their situation and experience. I’m telling you things as they are as objectively as possible.

So give your child a cell but be very wary of the economic and health issues. Those are the two most important things these days.

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