Choosing Child Appropriate Videos and Video Games

Child Appropriate Videos and Video Games

Children love a good movie or video game. Parenting and step parenting requires deciding what is appropriate for your children to watch. There are a plethora of movies and video games available to youth. One thing about parenting is keeping the child’s age and developmental level when choosing a movie or video game. Movies are rated a certain way due to the content so with younger children a rating of G is appropriate, with older children a PG is okay, and with teenagers PG-13 can be appropriate. If you have a child that is fourteen but may be developmentally delayed PG-13 may not be appropriate and the parents may want to go with G or PG with this youth. A movie that is rated R or NC-17 will not be appropriate for children. The content may be too violent, scary, or too adult for children to watch.

If a child watches a movie and starts acting like the characters in the movie and the behavior is inappropriate parenting help may be needed. Take the time to explain to the child that the actions are not appropriate and that the movie or video game is not real and that behavior is not acceptable in society. If the child continues to act in such in a way it may be time to rethink what the child watches. If that still does not work a child may need counseling to differentiate what is seen on videos and what is not okay in the real world.

If you want to take your children to the movies remember to keep the parenting tip of picking a movie that is acceptable to all the children that are going. Sometimes this means picking a movie for a younger audience due to the age differences of the children. Some movies that are coming out for children include Alice in Wonderland, based on the story, this may not be suitable for all children as it does look to be a bit strange. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is also coming to theaters, this is based on a popular children’s book series.

If you choose to rent a video at home there are many that are appropriate for youth including cartoons, Disney movies, and many other varieties that are out at the video store. The cost to rent is relatively cheap these days. One can get movies delivered to their home from Netflix or Blockbuster for a very reasonable rate. Blockbuster and Netflix allow you to keep the movies for as long as you want. Parents know that children will want to watch a movie multiple times before they are ready to watch something new. Netflix even allows users to download some movies to their laptop or desktop computer where a child can watch the movie by themselves if they choose to do so.

As a parent make sure to check ratings on movies or video games before renting or buying them. Keep in mind the child’s age and their developmental level. Finally make sure to supervise what the children watch and play.Ch

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