Christmas, Bah-Humbug

Christmas, Bah-Humbug

No, I’m not a scrooge. Although, compared to some families’ Christmas shopping sprees, one may think so.

Our family instituted a new tradition three years ago that will save us big bucks this year for Christmas.

The new tradition came about when I stumbled upon a toy on the floor for the last time. Nearly breaking my neck, I realized that my children never really PLAYED with their toys. They would only strew them all over the house as if Toys R Us had exploded during Black Friday. Missing parts, broken pieces … I had had enough.

I sat my children down and explained to them that from now on they would only be receiving one gift for Christmas. Not one gift a piece but one gift to share between the three of them. By the look on their faces, you would have thought that I had just murdered Santa Clause.

I realized that this new tradition would be a shock and take some getting use to. I had to find something that would help take the sting out of this new dictatorial decree.

The first year they received one big and expensive gift, a four-wheeler. The moment they saw it, the fears of receiving a lump of coal or bag of switches faded into oblivion. They were ecstatic.

Each year after that, we downsized to less extravagant gifts. Now, each Christmas, they look forward to getting that one special gift that they have been drooling over all year. It does take some cooperation on their part. It is one girl against two boys. They have to all discuss and come to an agreement on what they want their one gift to be.

Miraculously, they have never complained over this new tradition and they always come to an agreement. They still get lots of gifts from other family members, but at least we don’t have to take out a second mortgage every Christmas.

Author: ParentingMaven

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