Christmas Programs Are Fun to Watch or Participate In…

Christmas Parenting Help   Christmas Programs Are Fun to Watch or Participate In…

Christmas programs have a long-standing tradition in this country as well as other places.

Even going back to the day Christ was born there was something of a program when the three wise men came baring their gifts.

I participated in a Christmas tree program with full musical score during my elementary days. Of course, I went to a private school which was Christian-based.

You’ll remember my story about my elementary school bullying days and I can tell you I got many a spanking from 1st – 5th grade. But that’s another matter (and damn my principal was a big guy and his wooden paddle hurt like hell).

I didn’t really enjoy it at the time but being in the Christmas program was quite a bit more fun and a much better use of my time than I appreciated while it was happening.

In those days, I played lots of sports but much of my free time was spent watching TV or playing Nintendo videogames. That was all the way back in the days when Super Nintendo was the main system.

I realize this makes me one of the earliest members of Generation Y or the Millennials.

More recently I’ve been involved in the watching of these Christmas shows. Nothing on TV because those don’t interest me.

But my youngest sister (and the baby of the family) is heavily into dancing and has gotten quite good at it. She’s been practicing her craft at dance studios since she was 5 years old.

I just remember seeing Malcolm Gladwell, author of the new book Outliers, and he was saying the very most successful people in our society focused on one skill set and spent almost all their time mastering it.

His research indicates full mastery takes over 10,000 hours doing the specific activity.

After watching my sister dance at the Austin high football games and in the various shows throughout her career I’m convinced she’s at this expert mastery level.

I know how much time she puts in and believe she’s exceeded the 10,000 hours in her dancing life, though I haven’t done the specific math calculations.

She’s currently involved in a Christmas program extravaganza this year called “The singing Christmas tree”.

Basically, the Church turns their preaching stage into the set for their show. I don’t know how they do it but they set up this vertically layered stage and participants in the show file down into the bottom row, the second row, and on up to the top of the tree.

Of course it has a triangular type shape with the base being wide and ever narrowing up to the top of the tree which is pointed.

Obviously, fewer singers fit as you go higher up on the tree. (Maybe, the most talented one sits atop the tree)

Before your imagination runs completely wild attempting to visualize what this is, it’s not an actual tree.

It’s basically a layered platform with chairs for each singer. Of course, there’s also dancing which is where my sister comes in.

Maybe this year she’ll do some singing as well.

I don’t know your specific location but I’m sure there’s some church, local theater, or other local production which is doing a Christmas program near you.

I highly recommend looking into this because many of them have excellent production value and are well worth seeing. Also, they just get you in the Christmas spirit mood which is always a good thing.

So take a little initiative, find a local Christmas program in your city and state which appeals to you, get out there and go check it out.

For any really good Christmas shows in your area or state leave your comments about them so other parents can check them out. It makes for a good family outing and you don’t even have to worry about any ‘R’ rated stuff or ‘wardrobe malfunctions’.

Author: Billy the kid

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