Cut the School Band Director Some Slack!

The band director of a school everyday must listen to the the screeching and squealing of young violin and clarinet players. A job that you probably don’t envy….

Parenting and Music Parenting Help   Parenting and Music Parenting Help

The people who courageously tackle this job must be exceedingly patient, but they also can profoundly affect the lives of their students. A teacher can inspire a student to acquire real mastery of music and other challenges.

Remember that a band instructor must attempt to help whole orchestras and bands of students. He or she probably plays a few instruments, but will not play all instruments with the same amount of skill. Thus being in a music group at school can be a great place to learn many things, but to progress more quickly a private teacher can help a student with his or her particular instrument.

Author: ParentingMaven

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