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Digg.com is a great place to get exposure, direct visitors, and search engine ranking juice for your blog posts.

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A couple of our main authors Gabriella Parker and Karen Kramer spend quite a lot of time with fellow mommies in the rapidly growing group Twitter Moms.

In the course of a few conversations they had, its come up that a lot of mommies were asking questions and would like tips on using Digg, Stumbleupon, and Twitter.

Since I run (and own) a site www.TaggZilla.com which is a social media marketing community I’ve been heavily involved and invested in the big social media sites for the last 20 months. This has taught me many in-depth things about their use and gotten me 2 stories directly to Digg’s home page.

So they nominated me to write these stories and I’m glad to do it. So without further ado I’m going to give you some tips on how to use Digg.

Digg is the biggest and the best social news site on the web. It’s Alexa ranking hovers around 125 which simply means that it is in the top 125 websites on the entire Internet in terms of the number of visitors it gets every month.

So obviously, getting your content there can open up a whole new group of readers as well as exposure and potential partnership and interview opportunities. And not to go too deep into the search engine optimization but the Digg domain has great value in terms of its link power.

Basically, if you can get your stories up on Digg and get 30 – 50 or even 100+ Diggs that post will rank very highly and it’ll help increase the authority and overall ranking of your domain.

Anyone can submit stories to Digg. But I don’t recommend submitting your own stories because the Digg algorithm is fairly smart and there seems to be a penalty for submitting your own stuff.

So you can go into groups like twitter moms or work with a couple of other friends you have to submit each other’s stories. And also you should submit other relevant news stories the Digg community would like.

Stories which do really well have to do with highly tech oriented stuff like Apple, Linux, and open source (a type of computer code and development) stories. Environmental stories do very well as the Digg community is very green minded.

Probably the biggest thing which does well are stupid or funny pictures and stories about cats and dogs. Also geeky stuff like Star Trek, Star Wars, comics, video gaming and weird things to do with Legoes go over very well and are popular.

In part two of this article I’ll talk to you about some ways to build your Digg profile into a power profile so your vote counts for more as well as strategies you can use to get more Diggs for your story and have a better chance to get onto the Digg homepage which is the mother lode for you… it can mean 100,000 or more direct visitors to your blog post as well as some very powerful link juice to increase your rankings in the search engines.

As this is an instructional/tutorial article in response to questions and feedback we’ve gotten I invite you to ask any questions in the comments because I’m glad to answer them.

So if something in this article is unclear put it in the comments and I’ll address your question. Part two of the article Digg basics for twitter moms and beginners coming soon.

Author: Billy the kid

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