“Do you buy TV = violence?”

This is a very interesting question and I wanted to know if you buy the whole debate about how TV causes violence. There’s even an organization which buys into this called the TV boss.

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Violence on TV?

My own personal take is I don’t buy it and here’s why:

1. You would see a whole bunch copycat type violence based on the most popular shows and movies but we’re not seeing that.

2. Of the studies I’ve read there is then no causal link that simply watching a TV show will spur someone to violence

Of course it’s a very interesting debate because it’s an extremely controversial topic.

You need only flip on any of your local news channels or even a national one like CNN or Fox news to see violence.

I have read some studies done on the news which show that for every one positive news story there are 13 negative news stories. And you wonder why you watch the news. Many parents argue about parenting and their views on whether to watch the news or not.

It’s also enlightening to look at the times at which the news is broadcast. You have news in the morning at midday and at night right before you go to bed.

I don’t know how much you know about how the human mind works but the 30 minutes before bed and the hour after you wake are the times of day where your brain is most susceptible to suggestion.

And if TV truly did caused violence then we’d see way more occurrences of violence than we actually do.

The one instance where there is some empirical evidence is only somewhat related to this whole debate.

I read Robert Cialdini’s book Influence how whenever there’s a news story publicizing suicide you’ll see a rash of seven to 10 or 12 copycat suicides which happen within about a week of the original story being published.

While this isn’t technically violence it is an interesting case study. So how do you feel about this issue?

More importantly have you found any scientific studies or psychological studies done which prove or disapprove the whole TV causes violence debate?

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Author: Billy the kid

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