Dreaded Note From School…

Have you ever received a note from school telling you that your child is not doing well in a class. Surprise! Surprise! Why have they not mentioned this? Why did they not ask for help earlier?

Parent Notificaton

Unacceptable Exam Scores

Your son, Joe, has received the following exam grades and is in danger of a failing grade in Algebra I.

Exam Topics Exam Grades
Operations with Polynomials 67
Equations with Polynomials 62
Equations and their Applications 49
Relations and Functions 58

This note is to make you aware that your son Joe has been receiving unacceptable grades in Algebra I. He will be allowed to take make up exams and earn extra credit if he completes all of his homework assignments.

Please schedule a conference with his teacher at your earliest convenience. Call the school within a couple of days to schedule a teacher conference.

A Parent / Guardian Signature is required.
Please Return Tomorrow.

______________________________ ___________________
Signature Date

When children make bad grades at school, try to get to the root of the problem asap. Help them, encourage them, or even hire a tutor. They may need to spend less time playing video games and watching television.

The counselors at school are usually more than willing to help. Your child may need an evaluation to determine if they have any learning problems. Your child may even be a smart kid but just ran into some problems.

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