Drug Dogs for Hire

Drug Dogs for Hire

Parents always think they are so smart. They always think that if something were going on with their child, they would know about it.

Rewind! Do you not remember being a kid? Oh, let me guess. You were one of those perfect children who never did anything wrong. Yeah, right!

Well, I remember ALL the negative things I did as a kid. I even remember the first time I tried marijuana. Lucky for me, I didn’t like it.

I considered myself a pretty good kid. I was an honor roll student and participated in many extra curricular activities. However, I still made quite a few bad choices. My parents never found out about my bad choices. To this day, they do not know the regrets I have for some of the choices I made. I was very good at covering up and hiding what I did not want them to know.

Which brings me to the point, don’t think for one second that you know EVERYTHING there is to know about your child.

It could have been a very different story for me. I could have liked the drugs and gotten myself into more dangerous things.

As a parent, I now wonder what I can do or say that will help them make better choices than I did. I already talk to my children about drugs and the harmful effects but is that enough?

Well, parents now have another tool in the fight against drugs.

I was watching ABC World News and they showed a piece on drug dogs for hire. Several companies offer the drug sniffing services of narcotics canines to the public. Parents can hire these dogs to check their child’s bedroom and other personal items for drugs.

I know some of you may be thinking, “What about trust?”. It’s not an issue of trust, in my opinion. We are all tempted to do things we know we shouldn’t do. If adults can’t always make the right choices, then how can we expect our children to. I think children have more opportunities of temptation than adults.

I’m glad there is a company that can help ease the burden when it comes to drugs. Parents won’t have to worry that they might miss something. Children will know that they won’t be able to hide or cover up if they decide to do drugs. Nothing is fool proof. But I’m sure a highly trained drug dog’s nose is better than mine.

Author: Gabriella Parker

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