Earth Day – Family Dining

Earth Day a family dining experience.

Yesterday was the second Sunday of Easter on the Catholic calendar and I know this because twice a month I give my granddad a ride to his church. It was also 3 days before Earth Day’s huge wednesday celebration.

It’s always interesting to see the method and form the Catholic service takes because it seems to be the same thing every week.  The one thing which does change is the sermon the priest gives.

It has basically three acts:

— the opening (same each week) lasts about 20 minutes

— the sermon (changes each week) the priest tells a story and selects a passage from the Bible, lasts about 20 minutes

— the closing where they do communion (same each week) last up 20 minutes

Afterwards my granddad likes to go out to eat at various restaurants which we do.

Yesterday I saw something very interesting at Furr’s cafeteria.  They were doing a promotion piggybacking off of Earth Day which is coming up on April 22.  They were using the heavy promotion and especially here in Austin, the growing energy surrounding the Earth Day event and were doing a special deal for $5.99 all-you-can-eat buffet.

Their normal buffet costs $9.  So they’re giving a 33% discount as their part to help out mother Earth.  Which is very cool.

Sundays are usually busy for them and there were lots of families there having a good time and enjoying a family dinner.

They also had a live singer named Colton belting out various country songs. I’m no fan of country but he seemed to be doing a pretty good job with just him, his guitar and speakers.

Even during this recession his donation bucket was pretty full. I was glad to see this entire scene and especially the buildup to the main event.

Earth Day put the focus on the globe but protecting it has to be done at a local level grassroots style.  That’s why I was so impressed with Furr’s cafeteria having a joint promotion to contribute and celebrate earth day.

What kind of events and family activities are you going to be doing on Earth Day? There’s so many possibilities your only limited by your imagination. But what’s even better is many smart people have already done the hard work to setup events. All you have to do is show up. Couldn’t be easier.

Get involved even if it’s only a donation of 5 to 10 minutes of your time or $5-$10 to help out the earth for this Earth Day 2009.

Talk about some of your ideas and activities you’re going to be doing with your kids and family in the comments section.

Author: Billy the kid

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