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Earth Day

The significance of Earth Day lies in taking stock of the atrocities we are doing to our planet knowingly or unknowingly and take steps to reverse these. It’s a day which calls for all of us to participate in order to restore the fresh air, unsoiled rivers and green environment and live in accord with the existing flora and fauna. The day of our planet’s consciousness aka “Earth Day” is celebrated on 22nd April.

The whole notion is to ignite a sense of responsibility and imprint this on the receptive sub conscious of our children through plenty of fun filled activities.

The activities are the primary footsteps in shaping a generation that is empathetic and consciously concerned about our planet. By assisting kids in participating in Earth Day activities, regardless of how huge or tiny, fathers and mothers can lend a hand in spreading the implicit message – “This Earth belongs to everyone and all of us should keep it clean and green”.

There are plenty of activities which you can undertake. As a father you can arrange a planting activity for your son. This can really be rewarding when you see your son excited about the sapling and its growth. Imagine the feeling he will have when he sees it growing.

You can also organize an Earth Day drawing and poetry competition. Let your kid produce some innovative works of art based on the theme of Earth Day and ecosystem; locate a site to exhibit them where such works will be appreciated. This way you’re giving him the right platform in disguise.

Mothers can help their daughters to think about how to have a healthy and hearty lifestyle. To find out and live on high-quality nourishment. Subsequent to learning about the food groups and selecting a few tasty, nourishing fruits and vegetables, encourage your daughter to arrange an earth-healthy lunch.

Insure that she does so with negligible trash.

You can emphasize reusable lunch stuff, for instance paper napkins can be replaced with cloth napkins and a reusable lunch box.

Fathers and mothers can encourage their sons and daughters to analyze and initiate recycling in the house. Allow them to learn “trim down, recycle, reuse and revamp” and go through the house, selecting areas to concentrate on.

Assist kids with newspaper recycling in addition to a recycle bin for used cans. It is also wise to let them know the positive benefits these actions will have on the planet.

Father son activities can also include encouraging the boy to craft a collage of leaves from either green or autumn leaves accumulated from nearby areas or parks. Help them in forming shapes, people and animals with the leaves and paste them downward onto cardstock.

This helps clean up the park and stimulates your son’s creative mind.

Your contribution as father or mother can really work wonders in shaping the opinions and interests of your sons and daughters. It’s your job and responsibility to lead.

Make sure, that you set a fine example by being compassionate to the environment. Some thoughts to get started:

* Recycle -Use reprocessed or reusable grocery bags for visits to the supermarket. Quit the juice containers and bottled water. Opt for a reusable water bottle instead.

* Switch from paper to cloth napkins. Children will gain a feeling of maturity, this way, and cloth napkins are tiny enough to be incorporated into your usual pack of laundry with no additional hassles.

* Train children to recycle – Your kid will be glad to lend a hand and discover significant cataloging skills simultaneously.

* Have separate bins with images available for plastics, paper and glass and let your kid chuck recyclables into the suitable bin.

* Tag along with your child on tour to recycle ink cartridges, plastic bags and batteries.

Take Pleasure in the process.

* What could be a more suitable Earth day activity than to be grateful for our planet and enjoying the outdoors with your
sons and daughters?

* Invest time acknowledging and appreciating nature – full of flowers, trees and beautiful surroundings. This would not only help your son or daughter to also enjoy nature but can also help you strengthen your parent child bond.

* Lead by example – take your child to pick up trash with you at a local park or playground. Even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes because this builds good work ethic and character.

* Preserve energy by switching off your AC and getting outside to enjoy some clean air.

Our Earth is a bighearted mother; she endows with overflowing abundance food for all her kids only if they nurture her soil with cleanliness and care.

Earth Day Activities are not confined to just one day of the year.

In this era, we must comprehend the significance of being kindhearted to our planet. We can train our children at very early ages how to ‘Go Green’ through activities which train them to be more responsible towards Earth. Besides, the activities can give us just the right mix of spending some cherished moments with our sons and daughters while teaching them valuable lessons.

I look forward to your comments especially any local activities you’re going to be participating in. Also, tell me about any family things you do to help the planet.

Author: Billy the kid

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