Eight Ways To Be A Great Modern Parent

Eight Ways To Be A Great Modern Parent


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Trying to make certain decisions for your children need not only be for practical reasons but the wisdom to realize the long term aspects as well. In today’s world, most parents are deviating from the way they were brought up, as they feel the need to adapt to changing times in the relationship with their children. Good parenting requires patience and a lot of effort to make your children grow up as good human beings. Here are some opinions worth considering for today’s parents while dealing with their children.

Show them your love

Children are very responsive to the love shown towards them and there is no greater gift, than for a parent to show this love. The love must be totally unconditional as it will give a sense of confidence and security to the child. This will play a large role in the child’s ability to express himself/herself even when they grow up as adults.

While showing them your love is important, it is equally important that children see the love between the parents. Loving parents will naturally have well balanced and loving children.

Give them space to grow

While it is alright to coddle your kids when they are very young or as they grow up, it is always a wise thing to give them their own space in which to grow as individuals. While it may break your heart to see you children beginning to move away as individuals or stepping into university, let go of the idea that your child will be what you want him/her to be. By giving them their space, you are also respecting their growth as individuals.

Never stop learning and be involved

You may be guiding the child and teaching him/her many things but you see, children can teach you a lot in return. Listen to your child and see the world through their eyes and learn new things through them. This will enable you greater connectivity and understanding which is so essential in good parenting. At the same time, be involved in the developmental and personality growth of your child.

Set a healthy example

Apart from giving your children a lot of love, affection and keeping a watch on their personality development, you will need to set some healthy examples for them as well. Teach your children about healthy eating habits and ensure that you feed them the required calories, vitamins and minerals essential for their overall growth.

You can also expose them to other cultures and cuisine by taking them out or on holidays. These positive influences will help to make your child more interesting, curious and aware of the world beyond their periphery. At the same time, teach them the value of being environment friendly so that, they will live in a healthier planet where they are contributors.

Quality time is the essence

While you may see your children in the house every day, it is important to allocate even a special hour where you can give them your total attention. Enjoy the moments spend with them as they will never come back. Look to their individual needs and answer their doubts and help them with their problems. Remember, there is nothing like quality which will be far long lasting than all the quantity put together.

Above all, instill in the child the assurance that home is where he/she will always be loved unconditionally. They need never feel insecure and unwanted.


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