Facebook Connect for Parents?

You probably haven’t yet heard but Facebook Connect went live yesterday on the first site theinsider.com.

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Facebook Connect is live on theinsider.com

This is a big event for you because you were probably already on Facebook. What this new widget allows you to do is carry your Facebook friends with you to whatever site has the widget installed.

This is very cool because you can have an instant super leveraged presences on sites you’ve never used before based on the friends you have in Facebook.

As portability allows you great flexibility and you can also share with your other parent friends cool sites you find. And once they start using this they can also share their other cool parent resource sites with you which you may never have found had they not opened your eyes to it.

I hope you can easily see the power of this because throughout time the most powerful form of communications has been recommendations.

Imagine how cool it will be in the kind of discussions you can get started once you’re on a site which has this enabled. The possibilities are endless, profound and extremely exciting.

Once its rolled out for public use it’s likely you’ll see it on this very site about parenting (www.parentinghelpme.com) because the power and usefulness of this is so great.

This will totally change the way we use the Web. And make it much more useful because the very best sites you find in the very best discussions you can get all your smart friends to contribute to and it will take you in new directions and maybe give you a new strategy you can use to become a better parent.

Since this is a very new development there is not much information out right now nor has there been a timetable set for when the full public release will go down.

Are you currently on Facebook? Haven’t you always wanted to be able to make friends on one site, converse with those other parents, build deeper relationships with them and be able to migrate as a group to various useful parenting resource sites?

Author: Billy the kid

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