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Family Exercise: Getting the Family to be Healthy Together

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Parenting and step parenting means making time for children and family activities. As a parent or step parent one wants to be a positive role model to their children. Everyone is living a busy life these days. Even children have more homework to do and more activities they are involved in. Parents can be busy with demands of work and other activities outside of work. This can lead to a decrease in the amount of time families get to spend together.

One thing to keep in mind about parenting and step parenting is the influence one has on the youth. Children follow the lead of the adults in their life. If parents engage in unhealthy eating habits children are most likely to follow suit. A parenting tip is to watch what one eats and make sure the children are given a variety of healthy options to choose from. Allow children to understand what nutrition labels mean and what is within a healthy and unhealthy range so that the children can learn to make nutritious food choices. If a child is old enough allow them to help plan out dinner with the help of a parent.

Another parenting tip includes exercising with the children. Pick an activity that everyone can like if an activity cannot be mutually agreed on pick days when a particular person will pick the activity. The family will do the activity together and encourage each other’s efforts. Parents need to get children away from the television and sedentary activities in order for children, parents, and step parents to stay healthy as a family. Remember to choose a variety of activities in order for youth to not get bored. If a child cannot do a particular activity due to developmental level or lack of coordination try to find an alternative everyone can enjoy. It may take some one on one with the child in order for them to learn the rules and way the game works before they can do the activity as a family.

Parenting help may be needed when a child loses too much weight or gains too much weight as these may be signs of an eating disorder. The child should see a counselor to assess if there are underlying issues in regards to how the child is eating or using exercise. Regular checkups should be done for any child or adult that is starting an exercise regime to make sure that the activity level is appropriate for their fitness and health level.

More often than not engaging in an exercise and nutrition program as a family will be beneficial to everyone who is involved. Children will learn how to make healthy choices that will provide a lasting impact on their health and longevity. Youth will also learn that working out can be fun when done individually or with family members. There is a built in support group when the family works out and eats healthy as a team.

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