Family Guy — what’s the big deal?

I’ve always wondered what the big deal about this show is. There is the bald little kid, the fat dad, a clueless but well-meaning mom, and somehow a talking dog.

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Family Guy TV Show

Based on my knowledge of people and pets and especially dog people I guess it should be no surprise fans love this show because of a talking dog.

I don’t know if it’s solely because of the talking dog nor do I know the composition of Family Guy’s audience to be able to say definitively dog owners are the main group watching this show.

Also to be fair I’ve never watched one full episode all 30 minutes because I never saw the point.

As I was taking a little break from work I passed through the TV room going into the kitchen and my sister had Family Guy on the TV.

I got a little snack and something to drink so I sat down and by osmosis got a sample of family Guy. My sister was howling in laughter at almost every inane joke and line in the show.

I let out one chuckle because the dad character reminded me of someone I know. He heard an old song and went bat shit crazy looking for the record, and once he found it kept playing it over and over and over again. It was enough to make me crazy but my sister was laughing about the show.

I’m normally one that likes sophomoric humor, sexual innuendo, and the cruder the jokes are the better.

After watching five minutes of Family Guy and seeing how much they go for the least common denominator humor it just didn’t appeal to me.

I also like fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings, What Dreams May Come and others. Maybe one of the biggest reasons I dislike the show is my dislike for dogs.

The talking dog just seems utterly ridiculous and no way I could possibly connect with his show because of that.

So my first question for you is, “Do you watch Family Guy on a regular basis or just occasionally? Do you watch Family Guy at all?”

For those of you who do watch Family Guy, “are you dog owners/dog lovers?”

Author: Billy the kid

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