Best Video Game System For the Whole Family

Best Video Game System For the Whole Family

After School Activities Kids Advice Parenting Help Parenting Tips   Video game systems can be tricky business. There are many factors to consider like overall fun level, appropriateness for various aged kids, what games you as parents are going to enjoy playing, and finding that game which can be fun for both parents and all ages of kids.

“That’s impossible” you might say because “My kids are unique and they don’t like anything I do.”

You may have a point but we’re going to attempt this exercise anyway.

I must say I’ve been an avid gamer at various points in my life and wasted many of my life’s hours in the enjoyment and trance of a good war video game.

I’ve played all the various game systems from PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. I haven’t played the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP very much because small screens don’t appeal to me.

And when I’m out and about or waiting in the doctors office I prefer to bring a book with me to do someAfter School Activities Kids Advice Parenting Help Parenting Tips   learning while I’m there.

I have to say, and the popular numbers back this up because Nintendo Wii is selling millions of units and being very profitable even in this economically disgusting environment while Xbox 360 is barely scraping by and Sony is losing money, that the Nintendo Wii is definitely the best family game system.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has some intriguing and highly enjoyable game titles but it is far more difficult to learn with all the extra buttons and intricacies of the gameplay.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Wii is refreshingly simple and easy to use. You can pick it up and be pretty solidly skilled within just a few short hours of playing on the game console system.

My cousins brought their Wii over to my house this past Christmas and I enjoyed the much more active controller and that it only had two buttons.

After School Activities Kids Advice Parenting Help Parenting Tips   You use hand and arm motions to stimulate the real-life motions and the motion sensors in the controller picked up on those. We were playing the Wii sports game particularly tennis which I found very fun.

The baseball game was fairly fun but I found it a little bit more difficult to pick up as far as gameplay.

Within three tennis matches I was tearing up any of my family members who dared to challenge me.

Also, there’s far less violence, and far less realistic displays of blood and guts on the Nintendo system than the other 2 consoles.

There’s also another beautiful benefit of the Nintendo Wii for your family and especially for your kid’s.

As you probably know if you watch any kind of news, obesity is a huge epidemic afflicting America right now and childhood obesity is heavily on the rise. Kids are getting fatter and fatter, more unhealthy, and less active.

That’s the trend so why fight it? Why not join with it?

Children and teens love playing video games and the Nintendo Wii takes advantage of this with their latest release of an exercise game. I believe part of it is based on dancing and has a foot pad which senses your dance motions and dance steps.

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth on whether or not this is true exercise and whether it’s valuable as an exercise form.

I’ve seen it demonstrated on TV once and you’re definitely moving around and being active, expending energy which is what exercise is all about.

And the fact that your kids will enjoy makes it something they’ll actually do and not something you’ll have to nag them and constantly compel them to do.

So because of the two main factors of ease-of-use and more mobility and energy expenditure I highly recommend for your family video game console system you go with our winner of parenting help me’s console wars…the Nintendo Wii.

I’m certainly open to your comments if you want to put forth the argument that one of the other game systems is a better family system. And of course if you just want to write to agree with me I’m cool with that too.

Author: Billy the kid

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