Finding a Great Music Teacher for Your Child

Finding a good music teacher for piano, guitar, saxophone, or any other instrument can help your young musician sound and play better as well as lowering the amount of time spent practicing incorrectly or just inefficiently. The screeching and squealing will end much sooner!

A good place to check for a teacher is the local music store. They often have more teachers for piano and guitar, but often will have a woodwinds teacher as well as teachers for other less common instruments. A teacher may often teach multiple instruments. My teacher taught a variety of woodwinds- clarinet, flute, saxophone as well as trumpet and other brass. When he got a call asking for piano lessons, he referred the caller to the store he works at though.

Go to the store to meet them. Ask about their background, style, cost, and other concerns you may have. Listen to their sound and think about whether you think they are a good fit.

You can also check the yellow pages under “Music Instruction – Instrumental” and Craigs List and/or classified ads for work wanted in the newspaper.

Universities and colleges also often have music teachers you can take private lessons from, but look into the application process since they usually have rules about enrollment.

Author: ParentingMaven

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