Finding The Right Family Organizer

Parenting Help Tips   We live in The Future. Aren’t you constantly amazed that we possess technology first encountered in Star Trek, but who could have predicted (in 1966) the trade-offs that come with pocket-computers?

For example: not all operating systems integrate with each other seamlessly. Your kids take notes on their phones, forget to inform you of schedule changes and it is difficult to carve out the time each evening to sync everyone’s calendars.

Enter Stridepost…

Not just another online calendar, this is an online family organizer.

The folks at Stridepost understand that kids are not engaged by a simple online calendar and asking everyone to check a paper calendar on the fridge just doesn’t work anymore. Now, calendars sync automatically, you can determine a reasonable deadline for chores and reward the kids for sticking to it with a clever point system.



Author: ParentingMaven

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