Four Ways Your Family Can Support Arts Education

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When it comes time to make budget cuts in our schools and community organizations, arts education is often first on the chopping block. Despite what many legislators might think, arts education is extremely important to any child’s development. Many arts organizations in our communities might be struggling, but things don’t have to be this way. Here are some ways that you can support the arts.

Make Charitable Contributions To Worthwhile Causes

Charitable contributions are a simple way to help out just about any organization. Nonprofit organizations need money to thrive, especially those in the arts. Even if you can’t give a significant amount of money, every little bit helps.

Your contributions don’t have to be financial, however. Many nonprofit arts education groups need supplies and tools to help their students. For example, if you have an old piano that’s just collecting dust, you could do an internet search for “donate piano NYC” and find a worthwhile organization that could benefit from your old instrument.

Patronize Shows and Events

A lot of nonprofit theater and music groups rely on ticket revenue to keep their operations in business. When they don’t have audience members at their shows and events, they don’t have the income that they need so desperately to survive. By attending shows and events, you aren’t just getting a night of entertainment. Instead, you’re helping a worthwhile nonprofit organization to stay afloat. The next time you’re torn between seeing a professional production or seeing a production staged by a nonprofit, go with the nonprofit if you really want to make a difference. Plus, the level of talent might really surprise you for the better.


Even if you aren’t a professional artist or performer, there’s probably something that you’re good at within the arts sphere. Nonprofit arts education groups are always looking for volunteers who can come in and work with their students. You don’t have to be Picasso to spend an afternoon helping kids learn how to draw. Not only will you be helping kids who can really benefit from your time and effort, but you’ll be amazed at how fulfilled you feel afterwards.

It’s essential that all of the young people in our communities have access to an education in the arts. If you try any of these ideas, you can make a big difference in the lives of a lot of really deserving kids.

Author: ParentingMaven

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