Funny Video Of Test Prank In Busy Mall

Funny Video of Test Prank in Busy Mall

The malls are really busy as we approach the Christmas season. I enjoy sampling the snacks you get at the portable stations that are doing product demos.

I have not seen any of the product demos in our area doing the tasting test. After watching this video, I will not volunteer to do a tasting test of their product.

I have a cousin that I would love to get setup doing a tasting test like the one in the video above. Since he thinks he knows everything about anything, then he would definitely have an opinion of which juice tasted better and why. He is also a showman and would probably entertain the crowd after the prank was pulled on him.

Is there someone in your family that you would like to see doing the prank tasting test? This might be a fun idea to use at our Christmas party where someone does a tasting test of the punch made with a different kind of fruit juice.

Enjoy the holidays and have a good laugh.

Author: ParentingUncle

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