Halloween 2008 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Late October in Gatlinburg Tennessee almost always provides an opportunity to see the mountains in bright colors. Gatlinburg borders the Great Smokey Mountains, so it is convenient to take a mountain drive. The Roaring Forks Motor Trail begins at red-light eight. This one way road takes you by some of the older homes where people lived before they were forced to move when the national park was created. There is a good chance to see some wildlife such as deer or a bear.

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Great Smokey Mountains - Fall Colors

October 31, 2008 is Halloween. Some people think of Halloween as the scariest day of the year, but others think of it as part of the Fall Festival. Gatlinburg provides a hayride for family and friends. Also, the shops have trick-or-treat. You may dress in costume and join the fun.

The Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg is a lantern led journey. This is not a “spook” tour but provides drama, horror, humor, and history. This 90 minute tour tells stories of the strange and unexplained.

Ripley’s Haunted Adventure is where your nightmares come to life. They do not assume responsibility for your return … or your sanity. Do not miss the special Friday night shows.

Gatlinburg’s scariest and most exciting attraction is the Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg located on River Road. Eerie purple lights illuminate the house. A hearse is parked inside the Gothic style gates with red tiki torches burning.

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Haunted Mansion - Gatlinburg

Don’t enter the haunted mansion alone to see the ghosts, goblins, and other evil creatures that will chill your spine. There are chilling rooms, creepy hallways, and dungeons with witches, ghosts, creaks and rattles. You will get a thrilling scare as spooks and creeps jump out of unexpected places and chase you up the stairs and into scary dungeons.

Have a spook-tacular time.

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