Halloween and Christians

Halloween and Christians

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As a child, I remember how much my three brothers and three sisters all loved Halloween. Not ME! They loved dressing up in scary costumes. Not ME! They loved going out in the dark and roaming the neighborhood. Not ME! They would eat half their candy before we even got home. Not Me!

Suffice it to say, I was not a fan of Halloween. The costumes were always uncomfortable, there were always “mean kids” trying to take my candy, I don’t like the dark and I was terrified there would be poison in the candy. Every thing about Halloween seemed to be evil and spooky. As a child I didn’t understand why.

In my twenty’s I became a born-again Christian and after taking time to learn about “spiritual” things in Bible College, I understood what it was that frightened me about Halloween. I wanted nothing to do with the holiday and did not want my son to participate either. Halloween meant a time to turn off the lights and not answer the door, a time to keep the pets locked safely inside, and a time to pray that no evil would befall our home.

It took a while for me to find the proper balance between what is obviously a holiday based on ancient evil practices and a day that is suppose to be pure fun for children.

Halloween today means a time to share my faith, a time when I can hand out bible tracts, little “Jesus loves you bears” and pens with scripture along with the candy and treats kiddies expect.

I’m sure many will disagree with this practice and I’ve received negative feedback when writing about this in the past, but I’ve also received some very positive feedback as well. My feeling is… all parents should check out everything their children receive in their goodie bags and if they feel it’s inappropriate, “pitch it”. We’ve pitched a lot of demonic stuff found in my son’s goodie bag. If you feel a Bible Bear is evil then you have every right to throw it away, but don’t get upset with me for giving it, when you’re handing out candy wrapped in demonic symbols to my son. Fair is fair.

Halloween is no longer a day of dread, but now has become another opportunity to share my faith.

Tell me what you think. How do you celebrate Halloween?

Author: ParentingMaven

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