Kids and Monster’s — Halloween Parenting Safety Tips

Are you having problems with your child and nightmares? Is your child keeping you awake at night with their scared screams of fear?

Kids monsters and nightmares are a bad situation for all and can be an issue to get resolved once and for all.

Once something is in the mind it will always be in the mind. It’s not like the TV show Heroes where there’s a guy who as his special power can just extract certain memories so they’re no longer in your mind.

In some ways that would be very cool but I don’t believe I’d want that to happen.

Halloween is right around the corner with all of its ghouls and goblins, vampires, zombies and Devils.

Of course, there is also the fear of razor blades, poisons, and other bad things being in your kids bounty of trick-or-treat candy.

Halloween can be a fun and enjoyable time for all when a few basic precautions are taken. Any holiday with haunted houses, costume dress up, and going out to complete strangers doors, knocking on them, and getting free candy can’t be all bad. Halloween and Christians can even be a mix under the right circumstances.

For the question of candy obviously, the biggest potential for trouble are the soft gooey candy and chocolate candy. Be careful what neighborhoods you go into and give a quick two finger squeeze test to those chocolate candies.

If you’re really worried about it it’s much better to potentially cut your finger than it is your child’s mouth.

I remember fondly my days of dressing up as Superman running as fast as I could with my arms spread wide out to the end of the driveway my cape flapping in the wind. They were fun times as well as walking neighborhoods with my parents.

And of course the free candy was supremely awesome. Far less awesome were having to hang out with my brother and sister.

I didn’t realize it at the time but now I’ve grown close with them.

My parents always told me this would happen but I never believed them.

Bottom line is Halloween can be a fun and completely family-friendly holiday when you set it up properly. So go out there and have a grand and enjoyable Halloween and experience with your family this year.

So what are your thoughts? As a Christian can you enjoy Halloween or is that blasphemy?

What other ideas would you have to keep Halloween safe? What about other ideas you have or have used to make Halloween super fun?

Author: Billy the kid

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