Hawaiian Christmas Dreaming

Hawaiian Christmas Dreaming

I don’t know what stage you’re at in your family’s life. Maybe you have one or more babies or really small children and this dream is still a few years out of reach for you.

I do know many people dream of spending Christmas in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

It’s like being in one of those movies where the character is walking along in his miserable life and all of a sudden his imagination starts running wild. He feels the cool breeze of the ocean’s salty air on his face, the warmth of the sun light, and of course the beautiful women and scantily clad people walking along the beach.

I remember in particular the movie Christmas with the Kranks where Tim Allen’s character longs for a tropical Christmas and boycotted the whole neighborhood Christmas deciding to forgo decorations that year.

Of course it backfired, caused lots of backlash with his neighbors, and even his wife wasn’t fully on board which finally culminated in him giving his tickets to an older sickly couple. And he learned that Christmas was about giving.

I’m sure this movie touched a nerve with a number of people who would love a Christmas destination vacation and Hawaiian Christmas is high on the list.

Here’s a few cool things and destinations you can see if going to Hawaii for Christmas is a possibility for you.

Most of the things I found happen on the island of Oahu.

One of the big ones seems to be Hawaii’s version of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It’s called the Kaimuki Christmas Parade and 2008 will be the 62nd annual one. It’s free and open to the public.

It marks the official lighting of the Kaimuki Christmas tree as well as lights and other decorations unveiled for the parade.

Another cool thing to do is get a traditional Hawaiian Christmas tree…a Norfolk pine. Until the 1960s when trees were shipped in from the mainland this was the only option islanders had.

If you can’t make it due to family circumstances you can have a Hawaiian themed Christmas. You can host a family luau where the attire is Hawaiian shirts, provide leis to your guests, and there’s also Hawaiian wrapping paper for your gifts.

Another easy way to go is to make your traditional Christmas goodies and treats but instead of their normal topping use “Haupia” a traditional Hawaiian coconut frosting.

If you can’t get to the actual islands then putting a few of these in to your traditional celebration can really spice up your holiday.

I especially liked the sound of the coconut frosting because I believe it’s quite tasty.

Post a comment with your Hawaiian Christmas ideas, vacation memories if you’ve done it, or legendary themed parties you’ve been a part of.

You can also check out some other cool Christmas destinations for a Spanish Christmas or Christmas in France.

Author: Billy the kid

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