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All babies are born with an instinctive need for routine in their lives.  They know when they are hungry and cry, they know when they need to be changed and cry and they know when they just need some me time with mommy or daddy and cry. Surprisingly, each need has a distinctive cry, and we quickly learn to respond to what the need is.  What do we do? We feed them every 3 to 4 hours and change them after feedings, routinely. We pick them up for cuddles and coos to soothe them.

Sadly, as they grow older, somehow we forget that they still need that daily routine in their lives.  One day, with hands on our hips and rubbing our brow, we wonder what went wrong. Take time to check out the routine you are now following, or, could it possibly be that you don’t have a routine that you are following anymore. Chaos sets in, no order, no time, you are frazzled, OMG,  and so is your little one feeling the stress.

Honestly, if you would just take a few moments and set a routine plan up for your day, once again, you will be able to breathe and enjoy your day and so will the child. If you’ll take the time to watch your child and take heed to what you see and hear, as you are going through your daily routine,  you’ll notice how much more peaceful it becomes. You will be surprised how your own lives as parents will become less complicated, when all are following a routine. When there is peace in the house,  you can get your groove back and all are  happy and a lot less stressed.

Let’s say, little Johnny gets up at 7 a.m. and you want to sleep in, first mistake made for you and for him begins now. Johnny is going to do something to entertain himself, good or bad. If he has a morning routine for a bowel movement, you might wake up to little Johnny playing in the poopoo. You’ve gotten off routine, not so good. Your whole day is messed up from the start, not his fault, he’s on routine. Get up with your little ones when they wake up, set your house in order from the start. Give them their breakfast and sit down and eat with them. It’s so important to a child to have that time of togetherness first thing. Talk to your child, they love conversation. And please,don’t talk baby talk, talk in a normal tone and build your child’s vocabulary correctly from the start.  You’ll be amazed at what comes out of a child’s mouth at times, listen to them. They are little people, with a voice.

Moving forward with your daily chore time, focus and stay in a routine. Doing the dishes, a little laundry if it’s nearby kitchen area, let your child be a part of this time.  If they are bright eyed and ready for round two, place them on the floor, if infants, for some tummy time and to play while you do chores. If they are a toddler, give them a pot and a spoon to play with while doing dishes, or older let them help out at the sink or with loading the dishwasher. Be wise with items you give to them as they help, but let them feel like they are a part of your world. Give them some hand towels to help fold while doing laundry. Give them small brush or broom and dustpan, they love sweeping and even mopping. Take your breaks together, nap time for little ones and leisure time for parents. Moving forward, let your child help you cook dinner, if old enough and do the clean up afterwards. Have a social TV hour together before bedtime. Family is important, make the most of it and your time will be very rewarding for you as parents and the child.  You, the parent, needs to teach your child how to live without all this instant everything world we have now. Help teach your children the basics of life,  we still need to place those treasures into them as they grow up.

I know, I know, you are saying, oh yes, they love doing all that when they are really to small to do them correctly. But lordy, when they get a little older, its no way am Iam doing that mommy and off they go. So very true, but again who is to blame for that. Hmmmm, what happened to your routine. Did you give up on them, or did they give up on us? Don’t stop the routine parents, from infant to teenage, we all need a routine in our lives. Does it even stop there, NO, we need routine too. So always, keep a modified schedule according to age going on in your child’s life as they are growing up and you will discover the wonderful blessings of raising healthy and wise young adults one day. Children with their heads on straight, a routine lifestyle set in place, feeling secure because you made it happen for them, allowing them to become great leaders in our world today. Stick with it parents, don’t let your children get out of focus, because you could not stay focused. Stick with the routine!

Author: ParentingMaven

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