Homework or SAT Prep?

Homework or SAT Prep?

With each new school year comes the dreaded ritual of homework. But why? What is the real benefit of homework?

Homework is supposed to reinforce the skills the students have learned at school. The only thing that homework reinforces in my home is that mommy should have gotten a degree in Early Childhood Education instead of writing.

Lately, it seems children spend an increasing amount of time on homework. Elementary level students can spend between 2 to 3 hours each night on homework. What are they studying for, the SAT?

With all of this extra time spent on homework, one would think that our kids are getting smarter. Not! In 2006, 15 yr old students ranked 29th in Science and 35th in Math, internationally. Maybe John Taylor Gatto does have a point in his book, aptly named, Dumbing Us Down.

I guess we can safely say that geniuses are not abounding from the public schools in the U.S.

Besides not showing a significant asset to test scores, excessive homework takes away from extracurricular activities. Those activities are quite important to the physical and mental health of students. Everyday, the news media is reporting about the increase of childhood obesity. Some schools have gone so far as to ban sweets in light of the dilemma. Not to mention, spending quality time with your children decreases the risk of delinquency.

So, now our kids are undereducated, overweight and on their way to being incarcerated.

Let’s face it; even President-elect Obama is not willing to send his kids to public school.

Author: Gabriella Parker

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