How much Allowance should we give our teens?

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Kids think money falls from the sky

This summer the Blond turned 14 and dyed her hair red. So some of the Blond moments seemed to dissipate and based upon her age an Allowance seemed to be the next right of passage. The Former Blond now turned Red 14 year old Girl was a freshman in high school and it’s all about the Benjamins, keeping up with the Jones, and being a dedicated follower of fashion. OMG!

Her mom and I decided on a set amount of chores to do each day that would qualify the red headed freshman for a weekly allowance. But how much should she be getting?

The last thing we want to do is spoil or create a monster. The other thing, I don’t want to go broke and hit the ATM machine every Friday night on the way home from work to have the cash on hand for the determined 14 year old. Nor do I want her to feel embarrassed or not have enough to hang out with her friends. There has to be an equilibrium, a balance, a supply and demand equation that counteracts the forces of nature, a slide rule even to find the proper amount.

Asking the child for a reasonable amount will get you no where. I doubt her “in crowd” would give a true answer to the “How much do you get for allowance?” question. Nor do I think asking the parents would invoke a true response. When was the last time you spoke about your salary at work with a co-worker? That’s what I thought.

So people, help a father of two, a parent of two come up with a reasonable amount to pay my 14 year old for Allowance. You can comment below.

PS. Hmm, wonder if Kara is smart enough now that she has red hair, to come here and make mutiple comments with high inflated allowance answers.

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