How To Choose Child-Friendly Internet Games

How to Choose Child-Friendly Internet Games

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Computers and the internet have brought parenting to the higher level. The entry of computer and internet at home has brought the gaming experience a whole new look. Traditional outdoor games are now replaced with interactive online games. At the initial look, nothing seems dangerous with these internet games but examine further. Study shows that kids playing online games have suffered from online gaming addiction. Medical professionals liken online gaming addiction to drugs, gambling and alcohol addiction. This addiction often becomes the host of addiction-related problems such as declining personal hygiene, lower school grades, lost of interest and even violence. So, it is only right that you get into the interactive gaming world of your child. Here are some useful tips on how to choose child-friendly internet games.

First, choose internet games that are right for your child’s age. Your preschooler will certainly not enjoy if you let him or her play internet games designed for a five year old child. It is a good idea to choose internet games that encourage coloring and online puzzles. For older children, choose thought-provoking internet games like word finds and brain teasers. These are not just interesting but educational as well.

Second, choose an internet game that involves your child’s favorite cartoon character. If your child is a fond of Spongebob Squarepants, then search for internet games and activities related to Spongebob and help your little one have an introduction to these online games. Some popular choices are Leapfrog, Disney, Fisher-Price, PBS and Nickelodeon to name a few. These popular brands have loads of free internet games.

Third, choose an internet game that will enhance your child’s skill. If your child is having difficulties in mastering certain subject at school, internet games are one way to support learning while making it enjoyable. In most cases, kids do not actually realize that they are already learning as they play. The internet is loaded with different educational activities for kids that push them to use their mind while having fun online. Whatever subjects in school your kids has difficulties with; there is an appropriate internet game for that.

Fourth, select an internet game that you will both enjoy. This simply means playing with your kids. Although this seem impossible because kids normally want to play with other kids especially when they have playmates in your place. However, getting involved into your kid’s gaming world can help strengthen your relationship with each other. This is because you spend more quality time playing these internet games and this is something your kids really enjoy.

Therefore, parental involvement is essential in protecting your child from the snares that online games present. Going through the foregoing tips in choosing child-friendly internet games will help you pick the games that your child will surely enjoy and learn from. The appropriate games will strengthen the bond you share. Keep in mind that everything in excess is harmful. So, set rules on how long you allow your child to play these internet games and stick to these rules. Modern parenting thus evolved into a new level.

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