How to Create Your Own Family Music Video

How to Create Your Own Family Music Video

Whether it’s your time to finally show the world your great musical ability, or you just want a fun way to display all those great vacation photos, the Free Animoto Software is just the thing you need.

We’ve spent hours on the Animoto Site, creating videos for everything from special Birthday videos to special video updates for Grandma. There is no limit to uses for these mini-videos and Animoto makes it so much fun.

You don’t even need your own music or images to get started.

For a complete Step-by-Step Guide that even your Grandma could complete, go to “How to Create Your Own Music Videos”.

Ways to Use Animoto Free Family Music Video Creator:

  • Make a video of your child’s school class. (Their Teacher will love this)
  • Create a Birthday Video for family and friends using some of their favorite photos.
  • Send out a music video announcement of your son or daughter,s engagement, graduation or latest achievement.
  • Make a commercial promoting your home business.
  • Show off your latest craft’s projects.
  • Record your own music and make an MTV Style Video.
  • Make a History of your Town Video for the local library.
  • Home School Project.
  • Make your own video Christmas/Holiday card
  • Show all your old high-school Facebook friends what you have been doing since graduation.

But most of all…. Animoto is a great way to spend quality time with your kids.

Your Images, Your Music, never the same

Author: ParentingMaven

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