How To Encourage Your Two Year Old To Eat

How To Encourage Your Two Year Old To Eat

Sometimes it is difficult to get a two year old to eat. What should you do to get a two year old to eat?

Parents should be a role model and set good examples in their eating habits. Children are imitators so the examples you set in your eating habits and your attitudes toward food will crossover to your children.

Parents should not be overly permissive nor should they be overly managing in getting two year olds to eat. Developing good eating habits is a skill that should be learned with guidance. Forcing a child to eat can backfire. Giving rewards for eating is a form of forcing. A child is less likely to like a certain food if obtaining a reward is the end goal. A child is more likely to eat a new food again if they are not rewarded. Don’t make the toddler finish their milk or food in order to watch television or go play.

The following video shows how to make meal time fun for a two year old when the parent makes a bite of food bounce on the plate. Then a bite of food bounces into the little girl’s mouth. My family parenting was completely different. We were taught to never play with your food.

What is your opinion about this video? What techniques do you use to encourage a two year old to eat?

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